“There has long existed a network of cultural and trade relationships between East and West, but we are currently witnessing a significant bonding between the United Kingdom and China, where both cultures advance through mutual support. It is only through shared vision, cooperation and collaboration that we advance as humans.”

                                       ——Paul Max Edlin
I. Introduction 活动背景及宗旨 
The China-UK International Music Festival (CUIMF) was founded in 2018. This Festival is co-hosted by the China-UK International Music Festival Organizing Committee, the Music Department of Queen Mary University of London, the London Confucius Institute at SOAS, and the Chinese Classical Instruments Studio (CCIS). The CUIMF is supported by the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy, the Chinese Information and Advice Centre (CIAC), the UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture (UKCTC), and many other organizations. The CUIMF is one of the most influential and reputable events in showing the cultural exchange between the UK and China. The Festival is also part of the large-scale cultural exchange activities “Happy Chinese New Year” and “Beautiful China”, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China. This Festival’s remit is to actively respond to China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” on constant development, and fostering it closer to the Sino-British “Golden Age” through academic exchanges, outstanding music performances, touring of British musicians in China and many other exciting events. The Music Festival aims to act as a professional platform for the musicians and music enthusiasts from both countries to connect with each other, promote the exchanges between the two countries, and hence, enriching the mutual prosperity of China and Britain!

中英国际音乐节(China-UK International Music Festival)创办于2018年初,是由中英国际音乐节组委会、伦敦玛丽女王大学音乐部、伦敦亚非学院孔子学院、伦敦中国民族器乐中心联合主办,并获得了英国白金汉宫、中国驻英使馆文化处、英国谢赫勋爵、考特勋爵、英国中华传统文化研究院、伦敦华人资料及咨询中心等大力支持。中英国际音乐节是中英文化艺术交流中最具影响力和代表性的活动之一,同时也是中国文化部“欢乐春节”和“美丽中国”大型文化交流活动的一部分。音乐节创立宗旨为积极响应中国“一带一路,民心相通,互学互鉴”的建设精神,走近中英“黄金时代”;通过学术交流,优秀音乐团体展演及英国艺术家中国巡演等活动板块,搭建两国音乐家及音乐爱好者近距离交流的专业平台,促进中英文化交流,造就中英人文共荣!

2020 CUIMF Souvenir Brochure 中英国际音乐节纪念册

II. Board and Bureau of CUIMF 音乐节董事会及主席团
•Prof. Paul Max Edlin
   Executive Chair and Board member of CUIMF, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Director of Music at QMUL
•Mr. Edmond Yeo JP
   Honorary Co-Chair and Board member of CUIMF, Justice of the Peace, Chair of CIAC
•Mrs. Sherry Kuei Chan
   Honorary Co-Chair and Board member of CUIMF, President of UKCTC
•Ms. Jana Riedel
   Board member of CUIMFDirector of Arts and Culture at QMUL
•Ms. Yi Yao
   Board member of CUIMF, Associate of Royal Academy of Music
•Ms. Beibei Wang
   Board member of CUIMF, Percussion virtuoso of Royal Academy of Music, Percussion teacher of SOAS
•Ms. Cecilia Wong
   Board member of CUIMF, Regulatory Developments and Implementation Lead at Barclays UK
•Ms.Lian Xue
   Chair of CUIMF (China), Vice President/Secretary General of Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society, Director of Music at Shaanxi Art Vocational College
•Mr. Wen Zhao
   Chair of CUIMF (China), Curator of the Chinese Guqin Museum, Dean of Shaanxi Chang’an Guqin Art Institute
•Mr. Junzi Yelv 
   Chair of CUIMF (China), Deputy Secretary of the Youth Quality Education Committee of the China Culture Administration Association,
President of Xi’an Children’s Singing and Dancing Association
•Dr. Wenda Shi
   Board member of CUIMF, Marketing Director and Curator of CUIMF.
Ms. Mengmeng Wu
   Board member and Curator of CUIMF

2020 Souvenir Brochure
III. Contents of the Music Festival 音乐节内容
Opening Ceremony  &  Award Ceremony 开幕式 & 闭幕式颁奖晚会

Academic Exchange Programs 学术类交流活动
  • Lectures by world-leading experts 名家讲座
  • Masterclasses 大师课
  • Music competition 才艺竞演

Excellent music ensembles and solo performances 优秀音乐团体展演
The CUIMF is based in London, a place where many artists raise their profiles and sometimes gain popularity. The Organizing Committee highly welcomes music ensembles or soloists from both the UK and the China to join us, and is committed to providing any necessary resources, support and exposure in order to facilitate the success of every performer. 
CUIMF总部设在伦敦,这里是许多艺术家提升自我甚至成名的地方。 组委会非常欢迎两国音乐团体或个人报名参演,我们提供必要的资源,支持和曝光,以促进音乐团体和表演者获得演出成功。

Concert Tours in China 中国巡演
From 2020 onwards, CUIMF will be inviting outstanding British artists and groups to visit China, and have in-depth exchanges with Chinese artists. Through integrating culture and tourism, the CUIMF will be further promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

The final interpretation of this event is owned by the China-UK International Music Festival committee.